Weekly Market Update - February 20

Weekly Market Update - February 12

The Return of Volatility

Weekly Market Update - February 5

Weekly Market Update - January 29

Weekly Market Update - Jan 22

Weekly Market Update

What Does Post-Brexit Signify for Emerging Market Opportunities in China?

Using ESG as a Core Investment Option

What Does An ESG Investor Look Like?

ESG Trends

ESG and Social Labor Considerations

Understanding Volatility and the FlexShares ESG Process

Understanding Key Performance Indicators

Understanding the FlexShares STOXX® Partnership

Incorporating ESG as Equals

The Historical Processes of ESG Investing

Explaining the G: Putting Governance in ESG

Explaining the S: Putting Social in ESG

Explaining the E: Putting Environmental in ESG

ETFs vs. ETNs - There's a Difference

Risk Management Using Strategic Beta ETFs

Investing in Real Assets via ETFs

How to Effectively Educate Your Bigger is Better Clients About the FlexShares ETF Difference

Should Investors Put Money in Infrastructure?

Should Real Estate Investors Go Global?

How Can FlexShares Help Clients in an Inflation Scenario?

Tilting - A Different Approach to Indexing

FlexShares 2016 Year in Review

How ETF Innovation is Making Investing Simpler

Why ETFs Close - And What You Should Know If It Happens to You

How Will the 2016 Election Impact Your Investment Portfolio?

The Evolution of ESG Investing Into Value Investing

FlexShares ETFs Can Integrate ESG Into Your Portfolio

What Exactly Is Smart Beta?

How to Choose an ETF Thats Right for Your Portfolio

Real Estate ETFs: A Smart Way to Further Diversify Your Portfolio

7 Reasons ETFs Are Today’s Mutual Fund Alternatives

Risk Management: Not Just A Buzz Word Anymore

Assessing the Liquidity of an ETF

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