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The Pandemic May Change the Way Financial Advisors Operate Forever

Posted by David Partain on Jul 23, 2020 3:20:03 PM

By David Partain
Head of FlexShares Marketing


The global health crisis has forced business professionals across a myriad of industries to find new ways of doing business. But this goes beyond just developing new protocols or partnerships. It also involves how people connect with their customers. And nowhere is this more evident than within the financial investment industry, which this pandemic and its aftermath might change — for the better — forever.

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ESG and Social Labor Considerations

Posted by David Partain on Sep 11, 2017 9:00:00 AM

We believe that many of today's investors are seeking investments that put their hard-earned dollars into ETF portfolios that reflect their convictions about important social issues. They connect most with brands that apply ESG — or environmental, social, and governance considerations — in their daily operations.

Many investors may seek out investor-centric firms that provide advisors with investments that recognize those convictions and values. Some may even expect advisors to help them construct portfolios that achieve this purpose-driven aspect of their investment strategy.

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Understanding Volatility and the FlexShares ESG Process

Posted by David Partain on Sep 4, 2017 8:30:00 AM

For some investors, considering environmental, social or governance (ESG) factors as part of the investment process may be based upon more than a desire to “do good." Investors will sometimes use key performance indicators (KPIs), which are quantitative and qualitative metrics reported by public companies as part of their regulatory filings, which demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving its business objectives, which often include ESG considerations. ESG in our opinion is as much about managing risk and boosting investment returns as it is about any altruistic motivations.

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