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The Flexible Advisor: Top 2021 Downloads Expose Two Persisting Concerns

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As we reviewed the top downloads from The Flexible Advisor podcast series over the last year, two themes stood out as top concerns. Both are likely to demand financial advisors’ time, attention and investment in 2022 and beyond.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (“DE&I”)

This has become such a ubiquitous topic that some may be tempted to dismiss DE&I as another passing trend or a mere catchphrase. They do so at their peril. DE&I is likely to impact the success and longevity of businesses of every size, location, and sector.

Clients are increasingly looking at the way businesses and service providers recognize, respects and integrate issues of race, sexual orientation, gender, and age in their hiring and operations. As a result, DE&I is influencing financial advisors’ strategic and tactical decisions in numerous ways.
Perhaps the greatest challenge is that DE&I is such a broad issue that it can seem insurmountable.

The Flexible Advisor welcomed guests from across our industry to talk about this issue and practical ways to approach it.

D.A. Abrams headshot
Our most popular podcast of 2021 was a discussion with D.A. Abrams of the Center For Financial Planning about the basics: The Four Pillars of DE&I.

Yonhee-Choi-GordonIn our #4 downloaded episode, Yohnee Gordon, Principal, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer of JMG Financial Group, shared her experience and suggestions for Developing and Retaining NextGen Talent.

Joey Stemmle-1

We also spoke with Joey Stemmle, President of FPA NextGen, in our #7 download for 2021, FPA NextGen and LGBTQ Outreach.


Connie Lindsey Headshot Connie Lindsey, Former Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Northern Trust told us why she views DE&I as a strategic imperative, along with some misunderstood aspects of DE&I and how leaders can sidestep common pitfalls.

Efficient practice management

This has always been a priority, and that will never change. The need to review, assess, tweak and revise both large and small aspects of a practice can seem as relentless as it is necessary.

The way we attract, serve and retain clients in this increasingly digital environment is rapidly evolving. FlexShares’ “Race to Scalability” research seeks to assess these changing needs, best practices, new ideas and what is on the horizon. Insights gleaned from our most recent study earned the #2 and #3 positions among our Top 10 downloads in 2021.

Paul_Binnion, Paul Binnion of Hanlon Investment Management talked with us about today’s advisory landscape and the Power of Collaboration Between Advisors and Their External Investment Managers.


NoreenThen we welcomed Noreen Beaman, President of Orion Advisor Solutions, about How Advisors are Adapting to Changes in the Advisory Space.
Sometimes, relatively simple (and even counter-intuitive) steps can make a notable difference.

PattyIn our #6 top download, productivity coach Patty Kreamer talked about Conquering Stress With Productivity — offering simple, actionable steps to be more efficient with our work space, email, time, and attention.

Matt1In our #9 top download, advisor coach and author Matt Anderson explained how to Improve Your Business Through Tiny habits.


Other Topics Favored in 2021

Two of our Top-10 podcasts hit on other important topics.

Elisa Spain ImageIn our #8 top download, Executive Life Coach, Elisa Spain talks about Supporting Executive Clients With Their Tomorrow Story as they navigate career transitions.


Dzanis head shot -2-2021
Marie Dzanis stresses the Benefits of Building a Purposeful Firm Culture in the #5 top download of 2021. 


We look forward to bringing you many more insights from advisors and thought leaders (and even a few visionaries) in service to our mission: To bring you new ideas, a bit of clarity and some practical steps that will help you optimize your practice.

Meanwhile, we hope you will download The Flexible Advisor podcasts wherever you access your podcasts.


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