Establish Your Role As a Trusted Resource. Educate Your Clients in Unique Ways

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By Stephanie Treccia
Head of Client Events and Stakeholder Initiatives
FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds


Entice guests with the promise of fun and then perhaps you'll get to sprinkle a little knowledge on the audience throughout the event. There are times, however, when clients need information and guidance that is not directly within the scope of your expertise. These are opportunities for you to connect them with resources, and build your status as a trusted advisor. 

Harvest your network for trusted experts that can provide knowledge to your clients on issues that affect their ability to create and maintain wealth:

  • Entrepreneurship themes such as how to attract capital, certifying as Minority, Women and Small Business Enterprise Program (MWSBE) for government contracts, finding benefits for employees
  • Wills, estates, and legacy planning.
  • Parenthood issues such as including infertility management, adoption, identifying daycare and childhood education options, etc. or caring for parents and other adults.

When targeting a niche market, there may be other more specialized issues that will concern your clients. Unsure of where to start? There are online resources that will help you conduct a poll of your clients' interests.

If, however, you're still tempted to cling to the traditional seminar approach, stop and reflect. Would you want to end a long work day or kick-off a beautiful weekend held captive in a room, listening to someone sell you a product? Let your expert know that you want your clients to leave with relevant information but don’t want them to be ‘sold to’ at the event. 

Also. ensure these events are concise and as conveniently scheduled as possible. A breakfast or lunch session may be more amenable than evening or weekend times for clients with caregiver responsibilities. Save weekends for events that welcome spouses or family.

Bring these types of resources to your clients. You'll expand their capacity to meet their wealth management goals. Clients who achieve more with you will be happy to connect you with their friends and colleagues for referrals.

FlexShares wants to help financial advisors create amazing client relationships built, in part, through events built around their clients’ passions. We have developed a series of posts as well as a whitepaper, which can be used as a blueprint for executing your event planning strategy. Download our whitepaper today and stay tuned for more event marketing tips.


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