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By Stephanie Treccia
Head of Client Events and Stakeholder Initiatives
FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds

You've worked long and hard to get the clients you have and you aim to keep them. You also want to grow your business, maybe even develop a niche market. Given everything that competes for your target audience's time--work, family, leisure, social media, even your competition--how can you secure a place in the forefront of their minds as the person to turn to for financial advising and guidance?

Financial advisors have always grappled with this reality and have traditionally used events as one way to attract new prospects and increase sales. In the past, a seminar or pitch over dinner at local restaurant could snag the portfolio of a rising company executive or maybe even one or two of their friends.

High income earners lead busy lives. They are also private, skeptical, and close guarders of their personal time and information. From the initial contact through every activity in the retention phase, you have to set yourself apart as a trusted authority who understands your clients. Dated tactics and tired pitch seminars will no longer suffice.

Your competitors are likely figuring this out, too.

Whether you are looking to retain or grow, you should host events centered around your client. Focus on their passions and concerns, not a product or service you are looking to sell. Work instead to establish trust and authority with your target audience.This strategy will help you deliver amazing experiences that can lead to amazing client relationships.

Events should be aligned to your specific growth objectives--retention, referrals, or education and awareness. Once you have set your goals, get to know your clients’ passions and concerns. Use this information to create events, showing your understanding of what matters most to your clients. Remember to involve your clients whenever possible by allowing them to bring guests such as friends or even family.

FlexShares wants to help financial advisors create amazing client relationships built, in part, through events built around their clients’ passions. We have developed a series of posts as well as a whitepaper, which can be used as a blueprint for executing your event planning strategy. Download our whitepaper today and stay tuned for more event marketing tips.


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